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FoggyStop Home absorbs moisture from the surrounding air and retains it inside. Moisture saturation is indicated by a change in the color of the circular humidity indicator. After saturation, it can be easily regenerated in a microwave oven (800 W / 6 minutes) and reused many times. Humidity adjustment is performed using a special substance with a surface area of ​​800 m2 / g, which represents almost half a million m2 of effective area. It is an area as large as 65 football fields. The weight of the filling in the dry state is 350g. By absorbing moisture, FoggyStop Home reduces the possibility of bacteria and mites multiplying, which multiply much faster in moisture and can cause serious illness.

Reducing humidity can completely stop the growth of mold, which can cause diseases of internal organs and central nervous system. FoggyStop Home is designed for rooms with a volume of up to 30 m3. It is most often placed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, dressing room. Other uses can be in cottages and cottages, boats, houseboats, caravans, in a shop, warehouse or workshop, in a garage, in the attic or in a basement.

It can also be used in areas where pets are housed, as it also absorbs unpleasant odors.

It can also be used in cars, especially VANs and vans. However, moisture absorption is slower to determine than FoggyStop plus. On the other hand, due to the weight of 350 g, it absorbs twice as much water vapor. It is therefore more suitable for longer-term drying of the interior.

For this purpose, it is suitable to combine it with the Foggystop plus product.

FoggyStop Home aically picks up. absorbs excess moisture. It keeps the absorbed water in the filling so that the product packaging remains dry. There is no need to change the cartridge, just regenerate it in the microwave. The time for regeneration is indicated by a colorimetric hygrometer on the package. The product packaging is equipped with a colorimetric hygrometer (circle framed by a green line). The circle changes color according to the degree of wetting of the contents. Completely dry Foggystop indicates a brown-yellow color, which turns green-yellow with moisture. A completely green-yellow circle indicates the need for regeneration.

Use two FoggyStop Home for larger spaces (above 30 m3) or rooms with more water in the air.

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